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12 Responses to “Friends for Life”
Nate wrote:

This is like the first Garfield strip. Except Garfield didn’t eat Jon’s face!

Mike Keesey wrote:


Does this mean my characters’ eyeballs are going to expand as the strip goes on? (Early Garfield looked weeeird.)

Thayer wrote:

Heh. Nice job Mike. I also like your Website, was this a pre-fab job or is this something you did up yourself, because it looks pretty smooth.

Mike Keesey wrote:

Thanks—the back-end is handled by Off Panel Productions.

Scott Hartman wrote:

Way to go Mike, it’s good to see Parry & Carney back in action!


Mike Keesey wrote:

Thanks! (Well, Carney, anyway. . . .)

Jay Nair wrote:

I like the Carney & SVP strip,
my fav so far.

Mike Keesey wrote:

But it had no blood!

Hehe, thanks for the feedback.

Bobby wrote:

wow, looking back… memories… his first kill… but why does it look like he just nibbled his eyes off or something? Because the rest of Parry’s head is still there…

Tommy wrote:

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Marilyn wrote:

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