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15 Responses to “Goth Poetry”
Bobby wrote:

vaht is wroth?

Mike Keesey wrote:

Main Entry: wroth
Pronunciation: ‘roth also ‘rOth
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English wrAth; akin to Old High German reid twisted, Old English wrIthan to writhe
: intensely angry : highly incensed : WRATHFUL

Adam wrote:

I knew a Doctor who worked in Saudi Arabia in the 80s in a rieogn were the people are generally small & gracile ,he told me that women in this rieogn had big problems giving birth, due to much larger Babies as a result of better nutrition of the mothers. So if modern humans have problems giving birth due to new life circumstances I can imagine that giving birth to a Hybrid would also cause complications.

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KEEVOO wrote:

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