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February 6th, 2007 by Mike Keesey :: see related comic

Just what goes in Carnotaurinae? Find out next week!

(Assuming I have time … and you don’t already know….)

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Ezequiel wrote:

Carnotaurus, Aucasaurus, Majungasaurus, Rajasaurus , anything else in Carnotaurinae??? (is Carnotaurinae? I´ve seen it as Carnotaurini, tribe I guess)… maybe a meat eater Bos primigenius ?
Ilokelesia aguadagrandensis is included in this subfamily? I’ve heard about some VERY complete skeleton of an abelisaurian dinosaur, in the same strata from were “Iloke” was discovered, with the characteristic carnotaur morphology… but, It´s still unpublished… do you know something about that?

Mike Keesey wrote:

Carnotaurini is within Carnotaurinae.

More next week.

Rebecca wrote:

Where, oh where have you gone?

Bobby wrote:

This has been one looooooooong week…

Cindy wrote:

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Silke wrote:

I saw your Twitter post and almost resodnped, but a little more room here to express my thoughts.1. The Town is at it’s genre core, a heist movie. Doug’s issues of loyalty to his friends (the criminal’s code), frenetic action sequences and shadowy characters of both genders predominate the cast. I think it stays true to those conventions without falling into cliche or gratuitous violence.2. We all know Affleck is from Boston and in my opinion he establishes and adroitly utilizes Boston as not just a setting, but almost a character in the story. Having Fenway serve as the target for the climax of the film did not feel to me perfunctory or let’s show an area landmark so everyone knows it’s Boston’.3. Jeremy Renner absolutely kills it and yes, he is much more than a supporting role or foil to Affleck. I thought he deserved at least an Academy Award nomination.4. Sure, most of the women are less than grounded, stable and morally upright. As mentioned, it’s a film set in the violent criminal world. The men from both sides of the law are no more reputable. I think Claire is something more than a yuppie cardboard cutout, despite the Prius and what not. Her behavior is neither pretentious nor entitled and I think the performance reflects that.5. Doug does not fully grasp his responsibility for his criminal leanings, but he has a legitimate desire to leave it and I think, make some sort of amends for his past transgressions. The ending does not absolve him, nor does it end happily ever after. It does punctuate with a sense of hope that he has left his criminal past and seeks atonement.I enjoyed The Town and after seeing it again, my opinion had not changed. In the litany of heist films, it may not crack the top 10, but I think it is a solid effort.I only recently discovered your blog (via Twitter) and enjoy your posts and even when I disagree with some of your opinions, I think your arguments are well formed and worth considering. I look forward to more.

Sherzod wrote:

I agree that The Town’s stereotypical pataroyrl of women is sickeningly blatant and beyond disgusting, to boot. All three of the women are completely under the control of the men in this film. Not only is that true of Jem Coughlin’s sister, Krista, the drugged-out single mother of Shyne, who is not only a drug mule for crime-boss/florist Fergie, but is totally exploited by the men she’s surrounded by, including Doug and Jem. Claire Keesey, a yuppie-bank manager, who moved into Charlestown from the suburbs, who’s a princess-like, pure of heart do-gooder who does volunteer work for the youngsters of Charlestown but renovates a seedy ice hockey rink in memory of Doug MacRay’s mom, is also exploited by Doug MacRay, who supposedly falls for her, but also sees her as someone who’s vulnerable due to being traumatized by Doug and his men having knocked over her bank at gunpoint and then abducting her. Claire Keesey was the victim of the Lima Syndrome (the inverse of the Stockholm Syndrome), where the captor falls in love with his victim, but you know what? A captive who falls victim to either the Stockholm Syndrome or its inverse, the Lima Syndrome, is constantly at her captor’s beck and call. It’s the captor who decides whether or not the captive will survive. The captive is actually brainwashed into believing that her captor cares for her, is kind to her, and will never, ever abuse, let alone kill her, but woe betide the captive if she shows any signs of resisting the captor, or refusing to comply with him in any way or form! A captive who falls victim to the Stockholm or Lima Syndrome is isolated from friends and loved ones, and begins blaming them, as well as law enforcement people and other figures of authority for trying to end that wonderful relationship, rather than blaming her captor who committed this criminal act against her in the first place. One does not have to be in any of the helping professions (i. e. psychiatrist, mental health counselor, social worker, etc.) to be aware of that.

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