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Carnotaurus on Heroes!

January 23rd, 2007 by Mike Keesey :: see related comic

I have to admit I’ve gotten a little addicted to the TV show Heroes. Nice to see everbody’s favorite hero, Hiro, face off against a Carnotaurus tonight (sort of).

Although he was supposed to be in the American Museum of Natural History, I’m pretty sure that was the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History (which also starred as a genetic research lab in Spider-Man) dressed up a bit.

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Bronson wrote:

I too have to admit an addiction to Heroes; I’d never seen it until NBC had it online, then I watched all of the 2006 episodes in one night.

It was great to see a theropod other than T. rex getting some attention, too bad the overdubbing on the Carnotaurus video mentioned something about “the T. rex was a fiersome predator” (paraphrased).

And yes, Hiro is my hero… dude’s a riot!!! ((>.

Mike Keesey wrote:

Yeah, although I think that might have been a Tyrannosaurus during that narration. It was hard to see, though. (Well, I have it on tape, so….)

Guanlong wrote:

Actually, that dinosaur in the video is supposed to be an Aucasaurus garridoi. The video is taken from the Discovery Channel’s awesome mini-series “Dinosaur Planet” Check it out here: http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/dinosaurplanet/interactive/dinoviewer.html

Mike Keesey wrote:

Ahh, good catch. Well, an egregious error, then—but, eh, I still like the show.

Debbie wrote:

Ha…I never thought I’d see mention of Heroes in your blog. :-D

And yay for the little shell toad guy surviving for so long!

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