16 Jan 08 A Three-Pound Monkey Brain


15 May 07 Back!
13 Feb 07 No New Strip This Week
06 Feb 07 Carnotaurinae
30 Jan 07 Just what is a turtle?
23 Jan 07 Carnotaurus on Heroes!
23 Jan 07 Whirling Chest Dervishes
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20 Dec 06 Apologies
21 Nov 06 Turtles Are Tricky!
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25 Apr 06 Carnotaurus Sex!
18 Apr 06 Egg Hunt
11 Apr 06 Ceci n’est pas un dessin.
11 Apr 06 A Real-Life “Darwin Fish”
04 Apr 06 Introducing Mapusaurus
21 Mar 06 Feathers … later …
14 Mar 06 Micro-Trike!
28 Feb 06 Leave It To “Beaver”
14 Feb 06 Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!
31 Jan 06 Dead Trio
24 Jan 06 An Irritating Challenge
17 Jan 06 Neotheropods: what won’t they eat?
10 Jan 06 In the Mesozoic, No One Can Hear You Scream
03 Jan 06 Happy New Year!


27 Dec 05 Holiday Shenanigans
20 Dec 05 Introducing “Gonzo”
29 Nov 05 Reducing the “Irreducible”
22 Nov 05 Fact and Fabrication
08 Nov 05 Easy Way to Disprove Biblical Creationism
01 Nov 05 Why Just Avians?
18 Oct 05 Gone to SVP
11 Oct 05 Scavengers and Hunters, Part II
04 Oct 05 Scavengers and Hunters, Part I
27 Sep 05 The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
20 Sep 05 Anachronism Schmanachronism
13 Sep 05 Introduction


30 Nov 99 Turtles Are Tricky!

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